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Services Offered:

Tombigbee now offers an online service application.
Click the link below to see more details!

If you want to be on prepay (EasyPay), we do not accept these applications online.  You will need to come into the office to signup!

Deposit Application

How is Amount Determined?

Deposit Information

Types of Fees

Amount of Each Type of Fee

Service Fees Information

Print and Fill Out the Attached Form and Turn into Office to Sign Up

Bank Draft Application

Want to Know How Levelized Billing is Calculated? Read the Attached Document

Levelized Billing


TEPA offers multiple ways to pay your electric bill.  Click below to choose your payment method.


Rates change on a monthly basis. If you would like to see the current monthly rates, click below.

Engineering Info

Need help with certain service requirements? Check out the Engineering page for specific details.

Add Phone Number to Account

With our new outage management system, you can report your outage automatically without waiting on a customer service representative.

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