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Deposit Information:

Residential Deposits

Commercial/Industrial Deposits

  • You must come by in person to apply for Residential Service.

  • Deposit amount is based on credit score.

  • The maximum amount it can be is $310.00:

    • $300.00 Deposit​ Fee

    • $10.00 Membership Fee

  • Commercial Applications ONLY may be mailed or faxed to our office (See Contact Us for office information)

What's Needed When Applying for a Deposit?

Buying Home:

  • Two Forms of Identification

    • Driver's License​

    • State Issued ID

  • One of the Following For Social Security Number Verification​

    • Social Security Card​

    • W2 Form

  • Correct 911 Address (House Number and Street/Road)​

  • Correct Mailing Address

Rental Property:

The Same Information as Above but with a Rent Receipt or Lease Agreement

Mobile Home Requirements:

  • Registration Number from the County the Mobile Home is Located (Double-Wide or Single-Wide)

  • Lee County Board of Supervisors Requires a Permit

  • Single-Wide Requires a $50.00 Construction Cost

  • Double-Wide Requires a $50.00 Construction Cost, Unless the Metered on the Home and Homeowner also Owns the Property

***Deposit amount is based on credit score***

***Max Amount is $310.00 for Residential Customers***

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