Application for Service and Membership

Please complete the below form to apply for service with Tombigbee Electric Power Association.  Please note, we DO NOT guarantee same day service request.  All fees MUST be paid prior to service being connected.

Disclaimer: If sufficient payment is made and customer service has been notified after 2:00 p.m., there is no guarantee that service will be completed the same day of payment.

Once your account has been created in our billing system, you will receive an email or phone call with instructions to create your online account HERE.  The deposit amount is based on a credit check.  Depending on the credit check, your deposit will be $60, $150, or $300.  There will also be a $10 Membership (owed with deposit) and $10 Connection Fee (to be billed with first bill).

Once sufficient payment has been made, you will need to contact customer service by email ( or by calling one of our offices: 662-842-7635 (Tupelo) or 662-862-3146 (Fulton).

If you would like to be a Prepay customer (EasyPay), you will need to come into one of our offices and sign up.  To learn more about being a Prepay customer, click HERE.

If you have any questions regarding starting new service, please call 662-842-7635 (Tupelo) or 662-862-3146 (Fulton) and a customer service representative will assist you.

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Online Access:

As one of our services, we offer a Customer Portal for viewing and paying bills.  After you submit your online service application, your account will be created within our billing system.  After the account has been created, you will then receive an email or phone call with instructions to go to the Customer Portal so you can create your online account and pay your deposit, membership, and connection fee.

Interested in Tombigbee Fiber?

Tombigbee Fiber logo - horizontal color - Bringing Your Fiber to You.png

Would you like to sign up for high-speed fiber optic internet?  We offer this service to many areas within our service territory.  Click the link below and see if your service address is available.  If service is available, click the provided link and fill out the form.

(If deposit is above minimum amount, you will be emailed a report from Tombigbee provided by Online Utility Exchange that explains the reasoning of the determined deposit amount)