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Tombigbee Electric Power Association strives to be a good steward of its members money and does not take any thought of a rate increase lightly.   Tombigbee purchases 100% of its wholesale power from the Tennessee Valley Authority “TVA.”  Over the last year, Tombigbee purchased $99,527,000 of electricity from TVA.  Our electric sales to you our members amounted to $127,160,000 for the same period.  What that means is that Tombigbee operates on about twenty-two cents out of each dollar it bills.   

As with each of you, Tombigbee has faced rising costs in bringing service to you over the last several years.  Pricing on poles, equipment, materials and supplies utilized to bring you electricity have all increased, over all up about 80% or higher.  Accordingly, Tombigbee has no choice but to implement a rate increase of Four percent this year (4.0%).  This rate was necessary in part, due to TVA discontinuing its Pandemic Relief Credit which had served to reduce our overall bill from them for the years since 2020, at an effective rate of 1.5%.  Nothing about this rate increase relates to Tombigbee’s fiber infrastructure or the operation of Tombigbee Fiber, LLC, which has proven to be a success and is paying for itself.       

This rate increase does not account for any other rate increases that TVA is itself making.  Tombigbee simply passes that cost on to you.  Tombigbee does not have any control over the TVA rate, any credits offered by it or the TVA fuel cost adjustment.  Tombigbee does its best to maintain stable rates.  Tombigbee is the second least expensive TVA cooperative in the State of Mississippi and one of lowest in the Tennessee Valley.

Tombigbee’s historic rate increases are set out below:
•    10/01/03- 2.31%
•    10/01/05- 1.55%
•    10/01/06- 2.01%
•    10/01/08- 2.46%                        
•    10/01/09- 1.32%
•    10/01/18- 1.51%                                 
•    10/01/22- 0.50%
•    10/01/23 – 4.0%              

Notice of Rate Change as of 10/1/2023

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