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"Good Friends," a special project of TEPA, gives members an avenue to help their friends. The fund is created to assist TEPA members (or persons residing at an address served by TEPA) who find themselves in an emergency situation such as hospitalization, a job layoff, or death of a family member, etc. Monies contributed through this program will be used for utility expenses, and may also be used for food, clothing, and medical expenses and stay in the county that serves your residence


"Good Friends" works by adding a small contribution to ones electric bill. TEPA will round off ones bill to the next highest $0.50 (fifty cents) or $1.00 (one dollar).


Here are a few examples:

$123.45 would be $123.50 ($0.50 contribution) 

$123.01 would be $124.00 ($0.99 contribution)

To enroll in the program or to change your donation and be a "Good Friend," simply fill out the form below.
If in the past you have chosen to round up to $0.50, you can now change that to round up to one dollar.  If you do not want to participate or want to keep your amount rounding to the new $0.50, nothing needs to be done.

Thank you for your consideration of this "Good Friends" program!

Acknowledge your intent to participate by completing the form below or print the form and return to TEPA.

Sign Up for "Good Friends" Program

Name that appears on your bill

Account number as it appears on your bill

No dashes or spaces

Please Choose from the Following Options:

Thank you for signing up!

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